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iommi is a toolkit to build web apps faster. It’s built on Django but goes a lot further.

It has:

  • forms: that feel familiar, but can handle growing complexity better than Django’s forms

  • tables: that are powerful out of the box and scale up to arbitrary complexity

  • a system to compose parts:, like forms, menus, and tables, into bigger pages

  • tools that will speed up your development like live edit, jump to code, great feedback for missing select/prefetch related, a profiler, and more.

  • great error messages when you make a mistake



class IndexPage(Page):
    title = html.h1('Supernaut')
    welcome_text = 'This is a discography of the best acts in music!'

    artists = Table(auto__model=Artist, page_size=5)
    albums = Table(
    tracks = Table(auto__model=Album, page_size=5)

urlpatterns = [
    path('', IndexPage().as_view()),

This creates a page with three separate tables, a header and some text:


For more examples, see the examples project.

Getting started

See getting started.

Running tests

You need to have tox installed, then:

make venv
source venv/bin/activate
make test
make test-docs




Indices and tables