Base class: Part

Describe a table. Example:

class AlbumTable(Table):
    name = Column()
    artist = Column()

    class Meta:
        sortable = False
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Refinable members#

  • action_class

    Type: Type[iommi.action.Action]

  • actions

    Type: Dict[str, iommi.action.Action]

  • actions_below     (evaluated)

    Type: bool

    Default: False

  • actions_template     (evaluated)

    Type: Union[str, iommi._web_compat.Template]

    Default: iommi/form/actions.html

  • after     (evaluated)

    Type: Union[int, str]

  • assets

    Type: Namespace

  • attrs     (evaluated)

    dict of strings to string/callable of HTML attributes to apply to the table

    Type: Attrs

  • auto

  • bulk     (evaluated)

    Type: Optional[iommi.form.Form]

  • bulk_container

    Type: Fragment

  • bulk_exclude     (evaluated)

    exclude filters to apply to the QuerySet before performing the bulk operation

    Type: Namespace

    Default: {}

  • bulk_filter     (evaluated)

    filters to apply to the QuerySet before performing the bulk operation

    Type: Namespace

    Default: {}

  • cell     (evaluated)

    Type: CellConfig

  • cells_class

    Type: Type[iommi.table.Cells]

  • columns

    (use this only when not using the declarative style) a list of Column objects

    Type: Dict[str, iommi.table.Column]

  • container     (evaluated)

    Type: Fragment

  • default_sort_order

  • empty_message

    Type: str

  • endpoints

    Type: Namespace

  • extra

    Type: Dict[str, Any]

  • extra_evaluated

    Type: Dict[str, Any]

  • extra_params

  • form_class

    Type: Type[iommi.form.Form]

  • h_tag     (evaluated)

    Type: Union[iommi.fragment.Fragment, str]

  • header

  • include     (evaluated)

    Type: bool

  • invalid_form_message

    Type: str

  • iommi_style

    Type: str

  • member_class

  • model     (evaluated)

    Type: Type[django.db.models.base.Model]

  • outer     (evaluated)

    Type: Fragment

  • page_class

    Type: Type[]

  • page_size     (evaluated)

    Type: int

    Default: 16

  • parts

    Type: Namespace

  • post_bulk_edit

  • preprocess_row

  • preprocess_rows

  • query

  • query_class

    Type: Type[iommi.query.Query]

  • query_from_indexes

    Type: bool

  • row     (evaluated)

    Type: RowConfig

  • row_group_class

    Type: Type[iommi.table.RowGroup]

  • rows     (evaluated)

    a list or QuerySet of objects

  • sortable     (evaluated)

    set this to False to turn off sorting for all columns

    Type: bool

    Default: True

  • sorter

  • superheader

    Type: Namespace

  • table_tag_wrapper     (evaluated)

    Type: Fragment

  • tag     (evaluated)

    Type: str

    Default: table

  • tbody     (evaluated)

    Type: Fragment

  • template     (evaluated)

    Type: Union[str, iommi._web_compat.Template]

    Default: iommi/table/table.html

  • title     (evaluated)

    Type: str




  • tag
    • div

  • tbody__tag
    • div

  • cell__tag
    • None

  • row__tag
    • div

  • header__template
    • None




Return the queryset that contains only the selected rows with

bulk_filter and bulk_exclude applied.

For use in post_handlers. Only valid when rows was a queryset.


Yield a Cells instance for each visible row on the screen.






Return the selected rows.

For use in post_handlers. It’s a queryset if rows is a queryset and a list otherwise. Unlike bulk_queryset neither bulk_filter nor bulk_exclude are applied.

Class methods#