• Initial release of iommi. This is a merge of the libraries tri.form, tri.query, and tri.table.

0.4.0 (2020-03-30)

  • Fixed rendering of grouped actions for bootstrap
  • Respect auto__include order
  • boolean_tristate should be the default for the Field of a Column.boolean
  • New class Header that is used to automatically get h1/h2/etc tags according to nesting of headers
  • Table.rows should be able to be evaluated
  • Added feature that you can type ‘now’ into date/datetime/time fields
  • Feature to be able to force rendering of paginator for single page tables
  • Paginator fixes: it’s now no longer possible to use the Django paginator, but the iommi paginator is more full features in trade.
  • Removed jQuery dependency for JS parts
  • Big improvements to the Menu component
  • filters that have freetext mode now hide their field by default
  • Added “pick” in the debug toolbar. This is a feature to quickly find the part of the document you want to configure
  • Introduced Form.choice_queryset.extra.create_q_from_value
  • Changed so that Query defaults to having the Field included by default
  • Renamed BoundRow/bound_row to Cells/cells
  • Major improvements to the admin
  • Lots and lots of cleanup and bug fixes