Base class: Part

A page is used to compose iommi parts into a bigger whole.

See the howto for example usages.

Refinable members#

  • after

    Type: Union[int, str]

  • assets

    Type: Namespace

  • context

  • endpoints

    Type: Namespace

  • extra

    Type: Dict[str, Any]

  • extra_evaluated

    Type: Dict[str, Any]

  • h_tag

    Type: Union[iommi.fragment.Fragment, str]

  • include

    Type: bool

    Default: True

  • iommi_style

    Type: str

  • member_class

    Type: Type[iommi.fragment.Fragment]

  • parts

    Type: Dict[str, Union[iommi.part.Part, str, iommi._web_compat.Template]]

  • title

    Type: str